Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

        .1000FUN is a groupbuy company which do procurement service, shipping and handling fees are our only income, the sale of goods are all genuine, never make a profit selling parallel imports, it does not violate the parallel trafficking regulations.
        .As 1000FUN and Merchant does not necessarily exist partnership, we can not 100% guarantee the quality of goods, and therefore most of the time we held all the official shop sales in order to maintain standards.
        .1000FUN had the accept or reject the final right to provide services.
        .In addition to shipping damage, error handling orders or some human error, 1000FUN do not provide any absolute liability to the buyer service.
        .Under no circumstances, 1000FUN will not reveal any personal information of customers.
        .1000FUN generally will automatically cancel the order which customer did not deal in 30 days.

Reserves all relevant 1000FUN trademark use rights

1. General Provisions

            1.1 Before using the service of 1000FUN provided, customers are responsible for a clear understanding of "Terms and Conditions" content.

            1.2 Customers which place an order on 1000FUN will be submitted for consent provisions.

            1.3 1000FUN had the right to take pictures of all goods, the relevant photos will be used for display purposes.

            1.4 Customers are responsible for checking the goods at the time of pick up, after the goods leave, 1000FUN is not responsible.

            1.5 1000FUN will not provide after-sales service or maintenance of any electronic products.

            1.6 1000FUN only play the role of ordering and delivery of goods by merchants, 1000FUN can not ensure the quality of goods.

            1.7 Customers should collect the goods within 2 weeks after received the collection emmail, otherwise $5 per day will be charge for storage fees.

            1.8 Customers cannot cancel the order after the payment being made.

            1.9 1000FUN reserves the right to refuse to provide services.

2. In Store Offers

            2.1 1000FUN listed may be due to a shortage of supply of goods and to revoke at any time without prior notice.

            2.2 1000FUN shall make every effort to ensure that the picture on this page and the description of the goods but did not guarantee an exact match exact picture and / or description of the kind.

3. Return Policy

            3.1 As a result of the goods out of stock, sold failed to order success, 1000FUN will promise a refund in 3-5 working days, customers can not request any further compensation.

            3.2 As a result of the wrong order, missing order and goods damaged by human error, 1000FUN will promise a refund in 3-5 working days, customers can not request any further compensation.

            3.3 As a result of the official website of the provision of goods / commodities trading platform cause problems, 1000FUN can help to return the goods, but shipping fees will be charge to buyer, customers can not request any further compensation.

            3.4 If customers receive the goods in 14 days after receiving the 'pick up notification', since beyond the return period to the store, 1000FUN does not guarantee returns on behalf of handling matters and the right to refuse to provide all the services reserved.

            3.5 All goods ordered from Japan, 1000FUN will not providing return or exchange service.

            3.6 In any case, All the service charge by PayPal will not be refunded.

            3.7 All refund cannot be handle at store by cash, MUST be reply from our refund email with account number and full name.

4. Force Majeure

            4.1 if due to [force majeure] of causes (which including but not limited to due to fire, unfortunately accident, accident, scourge, natural scourge, Hong Kong S.A.R. Government or its any government institutions of any legal, command, announcements, regulations, requirements or provides, strike, labour disputes, labour shortage or technician shortage, goods or raw materials shortage, transport delays or 1000FUN in reasonable range within cannot control of causes, regardless of whether which similar), 1000FUN unable to fulfil its responsibility for website, 1000FUN can be affected within the scope of immunities in the performance of those obligations and 1000FUN do not have to bear any responsibility.

5. Changes of Terms and Conditions

            5.1 1000FUN reserves the right, in may, in its absolute discretion modify these terms and conditions. Customer will be solely responsible for any order confirmation before you read these terms and conditions. Once the order is issued, the customer shall be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

            5.2 If the above clause any dispute, 1000FUN reserves all the right of final decisions.

Terms last updated: Sep 2015

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